This app will help you find a ride if you’re too drunk to drive

Too tipsy to get behind the wheel? The SaferRide app can help with that.

Released before the holiday season in 2014, the app was designed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get more impaired drivers off the road.

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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Last year in Florida, crashes where alcohol was a confirmed factor were down more than 2 percent from the previous year — but deaths in crashes where alcohol was a confirmed factor were up nearly 11 percent, from 459 in 2014 to 508 last year. Crashes where drugs were a confirmed factor were up almost 19 percent, with fatalities rising a shocking 28 percent, from 219 in 2014 to 281 last year. The SaferRide app could help keep some of those impaired drivers from sitting the driver’s seat in the first place.

Think of it as Uber for drunk people — and, yes, we know drunk people also can use Uber. But SaferRide lets users pre-program in a friend or loved one’s information to make a quick call for a ride. It also can connect people to taxi services, and the app uses GPS to help pinpoint a user’s location, because we all know sometimes when you have too much Champagne on New Year’s Eve you can quickly forget if you’re on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach or A1A in Miami Beach.

And it’s exceedingly simple to navigate. Upon opening the app, a user is greeted by a screen that says, “Let’s get you home,” followed by three buttons: “Get taxi,” “Call friend” and “Where am I?”

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