TSA: ‘Escalating problem’ with guns at airport security checkpoints

People really need to check their bags before they try to go through airport security.

That’s the message from the Transportation Security Administration, as a spokeswoman for the agency said there is an “escalating problem with guns being brought to the checkpoints across the country.”

A look at some of the firearms recently found by the TSA at airport security checkpoints. (TSA photo)

A look at some of the firearms recently found by the TSA at airport security checkpoints. (TSA photo)

At Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, 12 guns have been found at checkpoints so far this year, after 16 were found in all of last year, TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said.

Agents also continue to find items including knives, hand grenades — both real and replica — and ammunition, Koshetz said.

Four stun guns have been found this year at PBIA, she added.

The TSA documents all of the firearms and other banned weapons it finds at checkpoints on its blog. Last week, the TSA found 70 firearms in carry-on bags, including one at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and two at Miami International Airport. Of the total firearms found, 61 were loaded and 25 had a round chambered, according to the TSA’s blog. In the two weeks before that, agents found a total of 164 firearms in travelers’ carry-on baggage.

If the TSA finds a gun in your carry-on, it doesn’t just cause you a headache. Koshetz said agents have to stop the entire line, delaying everyone behind you.

Check out the TSA’s blog for more information on what you can and can’t bring on an airplane.

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