Would you buy an electric car? Your age may affect your answer

electric-carA new survey finds up to 50 percent of drivers under 34 say they would consider buying an electric car, with interest across all ages rising but still under a collective 40 percent.

So says the Consumer Federation of America. Overall, its survey of 1,007 adults by phone in August found the willingness to consider electric vs. gas-fueled cars climbed from 31 percent of drivers of all ages in 2015 to 36 percent in 2016.

One stumbling block: cost. If consumers could be assured an electric car cost the same or less to buy — and operated for less money — then 57 percent said they would consider it.

Other analyses suggest additional factors standing in the way include a nerdy “golf cart” image, a lack of charging stations, limited range, and the environmental consideration that power plants somewhere still have to make the juice to power the vehicles, though that’s perhaps a bigger worry in heavy coal-burning regions.

Still, low prices at the pump “will not last forever,” and the survey numbers plus early adoption sales “signal significant future growth,” said Mark Cooper, CFA’s director of research.



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