Wedding Photography LLC receives “F” rating following complaints

Royal Palm Beach couple married seven months, still waiting for wedding video and photo CD and rights to print.

Royal Palm Beach couple married seven months, still waiting for wedding video and photo CD and rights to print.

More than seven months after their Aug. 16, 2015 wedding, Jaime Plant and her husband David Diaz of Royal Palm Beach are still waiting for Wedding Photography LLC to deliver a 15-minute video.

They are also upset that they can’t print the photos they received in an emailed link and in a CD because Wedding Photography LLC hasn’t given them a copyright release letter as specified in the contract. The contract called for the photos to be edited, but they aren’t.

“It’s very sad how someone could do such a thing on the most important day of a couple’s life,” Jaime said. “It’s disgusting and heartbreaking.”

To view the  photos, go to

Jaime Plant signed a contract on April 9, 2015 for a $2,000 package with Wedding Photography LLC, operated by husband-and-wife team Veronica and Roger Miranda. The fee was paid in full before the wedding. The company was based in Wellington, but recently moved to West Palm Beach and also has an office in Orlando.

The Mirandas did not respond to emails and phone calls about the issue.

The couple isn’t the only one alleging the Mirandas didn’t fulfill their contracts.

Wedding Photography just received an “F” rating, down from a B-minus,  from the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida and the Caribbean, headquartered  in West Palm Beach, following three other similar complaints since 2014.

To read the report, go to

“We are starting to  see a pattern of people not receiving everything they understood they would receive,” said Michele Mason, BBB senior vice president. “When you read the complaints, they are mostly about sentimental value. They are trying to get the moment from that special day.”

State Division of Corporation records state that Veronica Miranda previously owned Classic Photography of the Palm Beaches, which she opened in 2009 under her maiden name, Veronica Kercado.  Consumers had lodged similar complaints then with the BBB.

BBB’s records show that the company reported  that they closed Classic Photography of the Palm Beaches on July 30, 2012. At the time that the company closed, BBB had been reporting on four complaints. The BBB  received six additional complaints between August 16, 2012 and December 6,2013 that were closed as “unpursuable” due to the company’s closure, Mason said.

Mason said consumers need to do their homework when selecting a photographer. They should check the photographer’s track record with the BBB and also ask for contacts for previous customers. It’s also important to make sure everything stated verbally is in writing.

EP Pro Studio, Inc. another wedding photography firm with a West Palm Beach address, also has an “F” rating due 11 complaints filed with the BBB in the last three years.  The complaints state that the customers did not received photos as promised. Fred S. Thomas is listed as the company’s owner. Calls to the business from the Palm Beach Post were not returned.

Plant, 35, who works in corrections support at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, found Wedding Photography on the Internet. She met with Veronica and was told she would receive an engagement session and photos, 750 edited photos on a CD  and an 8-by-10-inch graphic-style custom album, plus a video.

All the family has received so far are about 200  engagement photos on CD, a link to 600 unedited photos and a CD with about the same number of unedited photos, many of which are duplicates, said Plant’s mother Roseann Plant, who provided a copy of the contract to the Palm Beach Post.

The contract is vague and never states how many photos will be provided, and it never states how many photos will be in the “custom album,” or that any photos at all will be in the album.  Jaime said Veronica told her verbally there would be 750 photos and the album would contain prints, some with special effects.

“Veronica refuses to return any of my phone calls or texts. The last time I actually spoke to her was January 6,” said Roseann Plant. “I mentioned to her that I thought it was taking way too long and I was considering hiring an attorney. She got extremely angry and hung up.”

“My husband and I are so upset. Jaime is our only daughter. We don’t have the edited photos,” Plant said. “We don’t have the video.”

Florida Department of State records show that Wedding Photography is an inactive corporation due to failure to file an annual report. Roger Miranda is listed as the officer.

The source of a “Photographer of the Year” award displayed on the company’s website, stated as “West Palm Beach Award,” could not be located or verified.

The BBB offers the following tips to avoid heartbreak when hiring a wedding photographer:

  • Do your research.  Research the photographer with the BBB by visiting  Also research the photographer on other wedding sites to see what other couples are saying.
  • Schedule Interviews.  Interview at least two or three photographers to see what kind of work they do and their pricing.
  • Ask if the rights to the pictures are included in the price.  We now live in an age where most picture are digital.  Be sure to ask your photographer if you have the rights to the pictures after the wedding day.  (This means you will be able to print them at your leisure to make scrapbooks, etc.)  Some photographers charge an extra fee for the rights.
  • Who will be photographing your wedding?  It’s important to ask if the photographer will personally photograph your wedding.  Some photographers book multiple weddings and let their assistants or other colleagues help them.  Also ask who will be photographing the wedding if an emergency should arise and the photographer cannot attend.
  • Ask for references.  It’s important to talk to previous clients.  They will be able to tell you more about the quality of the pictures, and what their experience was.
  • What is the payment schedule?  Be sure to ask the photographer if a deposit is required, and how much they need prior to the wedding.
  • Rules and Regulations.  Make sure your photographer is familiar with the photo policy at your venue and church.  Some places have specific rules.
  • What’s included in the package?  Most photographers have packages for clients to choose from.  If you don’t like what is in the package, ask if you can add certain services or make your own package.
  • Travel Fees.  Some photographers charge a travel fee if your wedding is outside their service area – be sure to ask.
  • Is an assistant included?  Some photographers include an assistant in their price, others charge extra.
  • How many hours will they shoot?  Some photographers will take pictures all day; others will only shoot for a certain time frame and charge extra if you go over.  Be sure to ask ahead of time.
  • Know how long it will take to get your pictures.  After your big day, it’s normal to be anxious for your pictures to arrive.  Make sure you talk to your photographer beforehand so you know how long the pictures will take.
  • Refund policy.  Make sure to ask what the refund policy is should your wedding be cancelled. 
  • Get a written contract.  Be sure to get everything in writing. Read the contract.


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